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Join one of the fastest growing trucking companies in the entire nation.

Ask about our truck driving jobs hometime, pay & benefits.

Who We Are

U.S. Xpress isn’t your run-of-the-mill transportation company. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the nation, serving all lower 48 states. Express Truck Driving Jobs makes it easy for both clients and drivers to see the benefits of their services immediately, with pay and respect that values drivers coupled with service and dedication that lends itself to unparalleled customer service. No matter route, run, or freight type you want to carry, ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com has the position for you. At our company, the main objective is to treat drivers extremely well with pay and benefits that treat them like professionals – because they are professionals. There’s a reason ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com has such a positive national reputation and a great deal of it comes down to integrity within the company and when focusing on business dealings.

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Why Drivers Choose Us

Drivers so frequently align themselves with ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com due to how well they are treated by the company and the success they find financially. However, truckers come to ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com as their home because of the support they receive while on the job – it’s often as if a solo driver has a second seat with them at all times due to the internal network on the job – and that team drivers have joined an even larger family. Those at ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com feel an incredible sense of kindness and dedication in getting them the help they need when they need it. Drivers will also see flexibility in their positions like never before when driving for us. We here at U.S.X understand what it takes to be a driver and the sacrifices one has to make in order to serve the nation behind the wheel- but that doesn’t mean they must be a slave to the road. With paid vacation, consistent time home and perks that make a driver comfortable and satisfied, ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com tries their hardest to make your seat one of luxury.

Picture of our Fleet

Working With Us

Currently, U.S. Xpress has over 7,000 truck drivers, 6,000 new trucks, more than 600,000 loads delivered and over 600 million miles under their belt. These figures spell financial and success and an infrastructure that clearly works, but they also mean one important thing – ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com is moving forward. Many trucking companies are stuck with the same equipment, routes and operations since day one – and they are sticking to that plan. With ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com, there’s no rush to hastily change things. However, if something works better for our employees and clients, we work towards that goal and implement it within our business. It’s a company belief that progression towards a goal that satisfies everyone is the best solution. Nonetheless, drivers and owner-operators with ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com can always expect consistency – consistency in company values, consistency in treatment and consistency in a professional atmosphere. It’s never on the driver to make a change that is difficult for them, only to allow ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com to serve them better.

What We Offer

ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com is proud to offer the following to our drivers: Picture of our driver

Why Wait?

The job market for drivers is expanding daily. ExpressTruckDrivingJobs.com is at the forefront of this expansion and is ready for you to join the team. Out numbers of happy drivers are growing as we speak – become one of them! Call a recruiter now to learn about open positions in your area.

Our Happy Drivers

We treat our drivers like family and ensure their happiness.


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